Wegovy Rebound Effects Raise Concerns

When Eli Diaz lost 22 pounds in three months from taking the diabetes drug Wegovy for weight loss, she thought she had found a miracle fix.

She felt more confident than ever in form-fitting leggings and sleeveless tops.

Diaz, 36, a mom of three who runs a Naples, Florida, construction company with her husband, was desperately trying to get back to her pre-baby weight of 145 pounds.

She went from weighing 244 pounds in February 2022 to 222 pounds by May, taking weekly injections of Wegovy.

Then, after three months and paying around $3,000 out of pocket for the drug, which was not covered by her insurance, her doctors discovered an unrelated thyroid issue and told her to stop.

It was then that the “miracle” drug became her worst nightmare because she put on more weight than she had lost…


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