Move it or lose it! Exercise is important for weight loss AND health.

A recently published study from the Cleveland Clinic has shed some important light on the critical role of exercise in maintaining health. The investigators studied 122,007 patients undergoing exercise treadmill tests over the course of several years. They then stratified the groups by level of cardiovascular fitness according to their treadmill results and followed them for a median of 8.4 years.

When comparing people with ‘below average’ and ‘above average’ cardiovascular fitness levels, the increased risk of all-cause mortality (death from any cause) associated with below average fitness was comparable to, and even exceeded the risks associated with coronary artery disease, diabetes, and even smoking! What’s more, there was no limit to the benefit of aerobic fitness/exercise, and benefits were seen with both sexes across all age groups.

This study included a large number of patients that used actual objective fitness data rather than self-reported exercise to draw these dramatic conclusions. So what do we take away from this study? No matter who you are or how old you are, we all can benefit from regular exercise! Not only is regular exercise integral to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, but it may also even determine our longevity and help us live longer healthier lives.

We can help you jumpstart your weight loss.

Exercise is important, but sometimes people need a little extra help to lose weight. The Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) procedure was developed to help people, like yourself, eat right and lose weight.

The ESG is an incisionless weight loss procedure that reduces the volume of the stomach, similar to a vertical sleeve gastrectomy but without surgery. During the procedure, while you are under anesthesia, an endoscope is passed through your mouth, down your esophagus, and into your stomach where a series of sutures are placed in a specific pattern to reduce the size and capacity of the stomach. After the procedure, you will follow a brief liquid diet and most patients can generally return home the same day.

If you would like to learn more or think you may be a good candidate for the ESG, give us a call at 415.215.1633.

About San Diego Institute for Weight Loss

We are ultra-specialized endoscopists with decades of experience in the development and advancement of cutting-edge techniques for weight loss. We have hundreds of publications in top peer-reviewed journals on our work in interventional endoscopy and we lecture around the world on the latest developments. As part of a broader, complex interventional endoscopy practice – Interventional Endoscopy Services (IES) Medical Group – the San Diego Institute for Weight Loss has the resources and research infrastructure that are critical to providing state-of-the-art endoscopic care with the best possible outcomes. At the Institute, our goal is to employ innovative endoscopic techniques to help patients with weight loss when diet and exercise have failed, all while avoiding invasive surgeries. Patients desperate for a better quality of life should not have to surrender to the prospect of going “under the knife.”