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San Diego Institute for Weight Loss

Founded by world-renowned, board-certified gastroenterologist and interventional endoscopist Kenneth F. Binmoeller M.D., the San Diego Institute for Weight Loss is a branch of Interventional Endoscopy Services Medical Group, which specializes in nonsurgical, endoscopic weight loss procedures including the Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty and Endoscopic Bariatric Revision procedure.

Obesity is a complex disease affecting more and more people. By best estimates, roughly 40% of the U.S. population is considered obese.  Weight loss surgery, often a Roux-en-Y (gastric bypass) procedure, has been the treatment of choice for obesity and its associated diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea. Other patients have chosen laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy to lose weight, as well as the adjustable gastric band.

Fortunately, endoscopic bariatric therapy solutions have been developed and proven to safely deliver weight loss interventions to more patients for less cost and typically without a hospital stay. Bariatric endoscopy procedures are performed using a flexible endoscope. Many people are familiar with an endoscope as they are often used when taking a look in the stomach to investigate stomach issues such as acid reflux. These thin (about the size of a finger), flexible tubes are equipped with a light and camera at the tip, and there are special endoscopes which allow for tiny instruments to be passed through them so they can be used inside a person’s GI tract.

Dr. Binmoeller is affiliated with and performs procedures at The Surgical Center of San Diego

Meeting Your Life Goals

When weight interferes with the quality of your life, health, and future, we will help you jump-start your weight loss and get you on track so you can live the life you want. Whether your goal is climbing the tallest mountains or just hanging with your kids or grandkids, we’ll help you reach that goal.

Providing Quality Care

The San Diego Institute for Weight Loss, founded by world-renowned gastroenterologist Kenneth F. Binmoeller, M.D., is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for patients in the San Diego area.

Our physicians are world-renown pioneers and masters of endoscopic therapy.

Our Mission: To provide the highest quality care and patient satisfaction to the patients we serve.

Our Values: We provide services that align with our patients’ unique and individual needs. We do this by offering cost-effective care and minimally-invasive treatment.

The San Diego Institute for Weight Loss delivers world-class, quality care to every patient, every day. We are committed to providing the following for patients seeking weight loss care:

  • Advanced technology
  • Outstanding reputation
  • Clear communication
  • Friendly staff/environment

We Provide BLISCare to All Self-Pay Weight Loss Patients

BLISCare is a medical complication protection program only available to “best in class” surgeons. BLISCare is not health insurance; rather, it helps protect our patients against complication related medical expenses should a complication occur.  

CareCredit Financing Available

San Diego Institute for Weight Loss is pleased to offer the CareCredit card, one of the nation’s leading patient payment programs. With CareCredit you can finance the professional fee component of your procedure and there are no upfront costs, no annual fees, and no pre-payment penalties.

CareCredit offers a full range of payment plans so you can find the plan that works best for you. To learn more about CareCredit, please contact our Patient Coordinator at  415.215.1633| patientspecialist@iesmedgroup.com

Meet Our Endoscopic Weight Loss Specialist

Kenneth F. Binmoeller, M.D., F.A.C.G., F.A.S.G.E.
Kenneth F. Binmoeller, M.D., F.A.C.G., F.A.S.G.E.Founder, San Diego Weight Loss Group Gastroenterologist and Interventional Endoscopist
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